Lluis Roig Comas

The discarded, rejected and unwanted refuse of everyday life is reborn in the masterpieces of Lluis Roig Comas. A highly skilled and imaginative sculptor with a true Bohemian spirit, the Barcelona native sees art in the mundane and seeks out abandoned materials by which to fashion his works. What emerges is an artform routed in simple craft that gives the mind a playground in which to immerse itself, embracing a renaissance of the simple joys of youth in a complex modern world. Once revealed, his sculptures-raw materials giving way to moments of realism and sometimes even hyperrealism in their physicality-transform rejection into something akin to attraction.


Lluis has a bachelor’s in fine arts specializing in sculpture from the University of Barcelona. He has exhibited in over 20 solo and collective exhibitions in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, New York, Chicago, Guadalajara amongst other cities around Europe and the Americas. He also has works in the Fran Daurel Foundation Museum and the Vila Casas Foundation in Barcelona, and Museo Tiflologico de la ONCE in Madrid.