Omar Garcia de Alba Bacerra

Omar’s work often elicits a chuckle or at least brings a smile to the viewer’s face. Fusing both the primitive, pop culture, history and our ever- growing consumption of entertainment and technology into a single narrative he creates scenarios that don’t let us take ourselves too seriously while presenting a solid critique of the world we have built for ourselves. At its core, his work searches for a language to face the ignominy of society, a language that is light to the senses and rooted in a sense of optimism.

His strong lines, oftentimes giving us a pixelated effect, and thoughtful expressions are easily identifiable and move us beyond a simple glance. Omar studied painting at the University of Guadalajara and continues to work and raise a family in Guadalajara. Outside of Jalisco his work has been exhibited in South Korea and Chicago. A multi-disciplinary artist, working with sculpture, print and murals to name a few, he continues to push the bounds of fine art and whimsy.