What is the nature inherent to the surfaces of the art we encounter as it permeates various media, expresses our feelings, and intermingles the skilled with the expressive? This and other questions are the puzzles Petru continues to explore in his multidisciplinary art work. With a background in visual arts, architecture, interior design and stage design and as an artist and art professor he brings to his work a level of intensity matched with the equilibrium of someone who understands the relationship between his various techniques and the materials they inhabit. His abstract works burst forth with color, biomorphic exuberance, linear gestures, and graphic overtures that reveal his vision of humanity and the world surrounding us with the intensity of our souls laid bare, traveling through different dimensions of emotional states in various scenes throughout the drama of our lives. To this end many of his pieces bare the names of books or plays that have moved him personally. His current focus being that of printmaking and abstract collage, Petru, like the writers that inspire him, takes us on a journey of poetic dimensions and storied interactions between form and material revealing an extreme expressiveness paired with a lyrical sensitivity. What emerges on his materials is a hybrid work that has taken form with sagacity and heureux hasard.

Dividing his time between Montreal and Puerto Vallarta, Petru lives with his husband, a performance artist, and their dog, Pinta. Romanian born and with an art career that includes teaching as well as many residencies, his work can be seen in private collections in Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland and the U.S.